Food and Drink Guide recommends Greenstead Farm

We are extremely proud to of been recommended by the Food and Drink Guide as a great place to eat in Essex.

The Food & Drink Guide were voted best food and drink blog in the UK at the 2015 blog awards, and best restaurant app downloaded by Macworld. The guys and girls at Food & Drink Guides, HQ, make it their business to be in the know with anything going on in the food world. Follow them to stay up to date with the latest fads, trends and traditions, industry news and general foodie gossip.

A bit more about the guide...

They have some really interesting blogs which can be informative yet amusing too. Check out their recent blog looking at the food trends expected in 2017.

It would seem Cactus water is set to be a trend but more so will be Watermelon water after Beyonce invested big in the company WTRMLN WTR. This has obviously piqued a lot of people’s interest. Watermelon water is essentially just cold-pressed watermelon juice used for “natural rehydration” perhaps the focus will be the taste because really you can just as easily achieve “natural rehydration” from good old fashioned council pop plus it will save you a load of bucks.

Who would of known!?

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