Half Term Fun at Greenstead Farm

Nothing beats the buzz we have around the farm during the school holidays. We love to hear the children laughing, playing and making new friends and the look on their little faces, when they get up close with the animals at Tiggys Barn, is just priceless.

There are many animals for the children to meet at Tiggys Barn. Some can be fed, some can be petted in the safe and secure barn, and some are just fascinating to watch, like Tiggy, the resident barn owl.


The animal family has continually grown over the last few months with some of the more recent additions being Peppa and George. Peppa and George are a pair of wooly Mangalitsa piglets who we are very fortunate to have at the farm as they are very rare, and very, very cute. Another recent addition to the brood is Mason, the little Golden Guernsey kid goat who has settled in nicely with the other 3 goats at Tiggys. This cheeky little chap is lead trained and loves nothing more than a nice walk.

There are also the Dumbo Rats, Malfoy & Scabbers, and the ferrets, Anastasia and Anya. There are rabbits, guinea pigs and even chinchillas. There is an albino, African pigmy hedgehog, ducks, golden pheasants and guinea fowl as well as the sheep, goats, Chewy the pig and the 2 working mules, Mavis and Molly. These are to name just a few.

For those of you, who dare to enter the reptile room, be sure to keep an eye out for Nagini who is a beautiful pastel ball python. There is also a Chilean Rose Tarantula and a colony of Giant Hissing Cockroaches, all of which are far more interesting than they are creepy.

As well as all of the animals and activities that will be taking place at Tiggys barn we also have the indoor soft play area which has been specifically designed for babies and the younger children. The play area is well equipped with a variety of age appropriate toys, offering the ideal environment for children to practice and improve their communication skills and to play and interact in a safe environment with other children.

It is a great place for parents to sit and enjoy a relaxing coffee in the comfortable seating area, overlooking the secure, gated play area, which will keep the kids entertained for hours with its new features.

That’s not forgetting the outside play area (if the weather is nice enough!), nature trail and various scenic walks we have surrounding the farm - don’t forget your hats, scarves and wellies if you’re really up for an adventure.

If you are looking for somewhere both fun and educational to take the children this half term, then we really do have something for the whole family and we are very much looking forward to seeing you all.

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